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Interview with Deborah Tramitz


WOMEN’S BEST Ambassador Deborah_tmz reveals her beauty-secrets



Name: Deborah Tramitz

Profession: Student

Residence: Germany/Cologne

Age: 22

Actual Weight: 56kg

Height: 174cm


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• Hey Deborah, more than 800.000 people are watching your everyday life on Instagram. How did you get so much followers?


I really have no idea how I got so many followers. I’ve only posted pictures of my life like all the others. So I’m more than happy that so many people are interested in my pictures.


• Can you tell us some of your beauty-secrets?


The most important thing to me is to get enough sleep (at least 8h/night), I drink a lot of water and every morning a cup of detox tea.


• What does your daily diet look like?


I don’t count my calories but I try to eat clean most of the time. When I want to lose weight because I had a few cheat meals too much, I like to replace my dinner with a protein shake.


• Which part of your body do you like most?


My waist and my back dimples. 🙂

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• What is your favorite body part in a man?


I don’t really care if a man has abs or muscles. For me it’s important that he’s got humor and charisma.

But if I have to choose a body part i like nice shoulders and arms most. 🙂


• What is your favorite exercise and why?


Squats and lunges. Because they grow and tone the booty.


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• Whats your favorite cheat meal?


Oh, that’s difficult because I love food! 🙂 I like pasta with salmon pesto and lots of parmigiano. But I also love chili cheese burgers and fries with onion. And not to forget: I’d die for chocolate.


• Do you have a pet?


No, unfortunately not but I’d love to have a dog or a horse.


• What is your favorite place in Germany?




• What is your favorite place in the world?


Paris. I love how romantic it is there.

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• Whats your gym playlist like? Which song motivates you most?


At the moment my fav is +1 by Martin Solveig.


• Whats your favorite quote?


Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.


• What are your plans for the future?


I definitely want to have a caring husband and kids, best one girl and one boy.


• Additional facts about you:


– My biggest dream is to hold a baby koala one day and to swim with pigs on the Bahamas.

– I did horse riding from 8-15 years and I’d love to start again because I miss it so much.

– I prefer a cozy evening with friends instead of partying.

– I love listening to Latin music and I’d like to do a Latin Dance course soon.

– I don’t like People who tell others they are ugly, fat, or too skinny. Everyone is beautiful the way he/she is and I don’t know what’s wrong with these people judging others.

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