How can I exercise when I have no time? Try Nano-Workouts!

Category : Fitness | Written by : Iris Pohl

Life can be busy, and sometimes we find ourselves unable to hit the gym. Nano-workouts will help you stay on track, no matter where you are. Using only your own body weight, these moves will help you to get in shape in no time. 

Not every workout has to be a sweat-inducing marathon, especially not for those of you who are short on time. Every movement counts when it comes to burning calories. Quick Nano exercises throughout the day are a great method to stay on track.


What is a Nano-Workout? 

Nano Workouts are small exercises that can be done almost anywhere and everywhere. You can do them at home while binge-watching Netflix, before work or while cooking, in the hotel room or at the beach. No equipment, no sportswear – all you need is your body and some space. 10-20 Minutes are enough!


Here are the best body weight exercises for anywhere and everywhere.

Do them as often as you can!

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