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Girls, this is the crazy new beauty trend we secretly always wanted: Flower crowns are out, and Glitter Booties are IN!

Are you already planning your look for the upcoming festival season? Forget about glitter hair, beards, brows or roots and make room for the newest trend: THE GLITTER BOOTY!

We all know, glitter has the power of making just anything looking prettier than it actually is. So, why not put some onto our butts?

Glitter Booty is the latest obsession on Instagram.

The look was invented by makeup artist Mia Kennington, who was inspired by the sandy beach bums (who would have thought that one of the most annoying feelings in the world, will become a beauty trend?).

Kennington is one of the glitter artists at a company that hosts pop-up shops at festivals. She has been posting photos of her glittery looks on Instagram and now everybody is going crazy about it.

Getting sparkly at @beyondadventure !! 🌴✨ @sophiamoreno7 💥🍉 @thegypsyshrine 📸 @danielwatsonphoto

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mia Kennington (@thrillsoftomorrow) am

What do you need?


The keys to easy glitter application are hair gel, hairspray, and a good friend (who is allowed to touch your butt). AND to properly show it off, you definitely need to be wearing short shorts.


How it works:


  1. Start with a layer of hair gel before packing on the glitter. This provides the perfect sticky surface and should keep your sparkles fully intact. You can also add some body paint if you like.
  2. Now ask your friend to spread the glitter all over your butt.
  3. When you’re all done, a quick spritz of hairspray – or even makeup setting spray – will give the look the extra hold.
  4. Now pull on your shortest short shorts and shake your booty!

🌈RAINBOW BOOTY🌈💥❤️💛💚💜All glitter by @thegypsyshrine ✨✨ The beauty @ndrixon 🕶

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mia Kennington (@thrillsoftomorrow) am

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