Weirdest of the weird: The craziest beauty trends right now!

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Have you ever heard of “crystal lips“ and “pom pom nails“? Instagram is continuously overflowing us with new beauty products, makeup ideas or special treatments. Here are some crazy beauty trends you’ve probably never even heard of…

1. Crystal Lips

New York makeup artist Johannah (@beyou.byjoh) created this stunning look, inspired by gemstones like amethyst or rose quartz. The idea came from one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. Now, hundreds of makeup bloggers try to copy the look, which is created by combining liquid lipsticks, metallic liquid lip color and tiny crystals.


2. Pom Pom Nails

This furry nail art trend is really blowing up right now in Korea, where girls are applying them to their manis in majorly creative ways. The question is: Why the hell should I glue this to my fingers? How do they wash their hands?


3. 24K Gold Facial 

Skin expert Mimi Luzon helped the Victoria’s Secret models to get their glow on with a gold leaf face mask. Honestly, it’s not cheap (300$!!) but Luzon claims that the tiny gold particles penetrate the skin to improve complexion, hydration, texture, and elasticity.

Getting skin ready for tomorrow❤️❤️❤️ @mimiluzon #vsfashionshow

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4. Hidden Rainbow Hair

While rainbow hair is still a hair color trend, for some people it can be a bit difficult to maintain that hair style. For those who work in offices, there is still a way to experiment with wild colors without committing to full-time unicorn hair. What makes this trend unique is that it’s not very visible, as it mostly involves the bottom (hidden) part of the hair.

Hidden rainbows are all the London rage right now. #hiddenrainbowhair #hiddenrainbow #rainbow #rainbowhair by Carla

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6. Gold Lobes 

A crazy runway look, with a golden dip-dyed ear lobe. Designer Anthony Vaccarello sent his models down the runway with graphic, inky lobes that were drawn on with black liquid liner. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux was going for somewhat of a jewelry look. Kind of like a second-skin ear cuff. By dipping the lobe in a metallic color, this makeup technique looks more like jewelry and less like an art project.

One of my favorite shot by @alexandrautzmann for @crfashionbook styled by @constanceferal #makeupbyviolette #gold

Ein von Violette (@violette_fr) gepostetes Foto am

7. Glitter Brows

We’ve seen everything from glitter roots and glitter beards, to glitter armpits. Don’t blame us that we are a little bit surprised that glitter eyebrows are the next big thing now.

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